Trending New Year's Resolutions from Women Around the World

Trending New Year's Resolutions from Women Around the World

Want to make a change but not sure where to start? We asked 10 women around the world for their New Year’s resolutions.

Resolution 1: To Feel Stronger

"Last year saw me experience childbirth, bereavement and serious stress. As a result, I haven't had the time - or energy - to look after myself properly, which includes going to the gym. I used to lift weights regularly and loved the feeling of strength it gave me. So, I've made a promise to myself that I'll get back in the gym this year - not to fit back into my skinny jeans, but to feel happier and stronger. And I'm telling as many people as I possibly can to ensure I actually do it!"

Kirsty Kelly, 38, mom to Bella, 15 months, from London, UK


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Resolution 2: Learn A New Language

"I've always wanted to speak another language, but my fairly demanding job plus childcare means that, whenever I do sit down to test out my skills, I just end up falling asleep or getting distracted! Learning a new language is something I've always wanted to do and I'm determined to really put it first this year, so I'm asking my partner's parents to help out with childcare one evening a week so I can study French. It means I can justify a holiday to France, too!"

Kristin Petty, 39, mom to Betty, 2, from New York, USA


Resolution 3: Put Down My Phone

"Like 99% of people, I'm glued to my smart phone. I'm constantly switching between apps, and I've noticed my children are starting to do it, too. Because I work from home, it's also having a seriously negative effect on my productivity. This year, I'm vowing to put my phone down more often and check it in the mornings, at lunch and evenings only - unless something urgent comes up. I'm hoping my children will follow my lead, too."

Lucia Jameson, 40, mom to Toby, 3, and Max, 6, from Isle of Wight, UK


Resolution 4: Accept Compliments

"I was brought up to shrug off compliments - saying 'thank you' seemed vulgar and a little conceited when I was growing up. But since having children, I've realized how important it is for my kids to see me accept compliments graciously with a smile, whether it's about my work, my appearance or something I've done for a friend. I'm encouraging my children to do the same, and I hope it will help instill confidence in them."

Felicity Russo, 40, mom to Gabriel, 12, and Samuel, 14, from Rome, Italy


Resolution 5: Step Out of My Comfort Zone

"Several of my friends go to regular dance classes together. I've always wanted to join, but I've been too self-conscious to actually do it as I haven't danced since I was a teenager. My New Year's resolution is to join them - even if I am hiding at the back to begin with! I keep telling myself nothing is as bad as you worry it will be, and I know how much I'll enjoy it."

Maria Rodriguez, 37, mum to Sofia, 3, and Isabella, 5, from Seville, Spain


Resolution 6: Write A Journal

"Ever since my sister showed me her childhood journals - she's been keeping them for years - I've vowed to start one of my own. Reliving memories from my sister's journals was so wonderful that I wanted to do the same for my daughter when she's older. Even if it's just a few sentences a day, it will be a lovely keepsake for her to have in the future."

Anika Shan, 40, mom to Pari, 2, from New Delhi, India


Resolution 7: Conquer My Fear of Flying

"I live in Bahrain with my husband and young son, and most of my family live in the UK, so I often find myself travelling by plane. Since I was very young, I've been an incredibly nervous flyer, and I find myself feeling very sick and anxious in the run-up to a flight. I almost didn't travel at all last year. This year, I'm going to seek help and try and conquer my fear. Life's too short to miss out on holidays!"

Rachel Lafferty, 31, mom to Carl, 3 months, from Manama, Bahrain


Resolution 8: Invest in Some 'Me' Time

"Life for us as a family is always busy - when the children aren't at school, we travel together, and both my husband and I work full-time. While friends of mine often make time for themselves, I rarely indulge in any beauty treatments or anything for 'me' - my last haircut was in 2015! I know it would make me feel great, so I'm determined to put aside an hour each week for myself - whether that's a massage, getting my nails done or just enjoying a long walk."

Jane Durand, 48, mom to Sophie, 16, and Toby, 13, from Paris, France


Resolution 9: Find My Confidence in The Kitchen

"As a new mother, time is short and life is hectic. As a result, I rarely cook much at all for my family. I often rely on my mother - who lives nearby and is an excellent cook - to help with food, but I would love to find my feet in the kitchen and learn some dishes to feed my family! It will make me feel less guilty that my mother is always doing the cooking, too."

Yaren Osman, 30, mom to Aydin, 6 months, from Istanbul, Turkey


Resolution 10: Take More Photographs

"Iwas given a beautiful camera for my birthday three years ago and haven't used it once. I would love to have lots of photographs of my children when they're older to look back on. This year, I'll get the camera out of the box and actually learn how to use it properly - even if my children have to show me!"

Natalia Petrov, 37, mom to Anna, 6, Dina, 8, and Elena, 14, from Moscow, Russia


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