6 stress-management tips for real moms that will fit in with your schedule

6 stress-management tips for real moms that will fit in with your schedule

The stresses of everyday life have a tendency to mount, so take a few minutes out of your busy day and find some relief. Here's how!

Being a mom is no mean feat and the pressures can be relentless. Juggling a million and one things can no doubt take its toll on our minds and bodies. And although mums can be incredibly resilient, finding ways to de-stress can still be a challenge. Looking after ourselves in this way, means that we can look after those around us too. So make sure you take the a little time out and shed some of the cumulative tension, with these five tips!



No time for a yoga class, or an hour-long meditation practice?  That's ok: all you need is two mindful minutes for this micro-meditation. Take ten deep breaths. Take a moment to feel the air filling your lungs, feel your belly rise and fall and focus on the experience. With every out-breath visualise your tensions leaving your body. Ground yourself in the moment, anchor yourself in the breath and come back to your everyday life a little more relaxed and a little more ready to face the challenges of the day.


A short burst of exercise

You don't have to run a marathon to reap the benefits of regular exercise: even a short burst of exercise, like a quick walk around the block or even a few lunges can get your blood pumping, and put you in a better frame of mind. Find a little of the dead-time in your day (like when you're talking on the phone, or waiting for your teen to finish football practice) to insert a five-minute exercise break.


A good night's sleep

A good night's sleep is paramount both for our mental and physical self. And the best preamble to a good night's sleep, is a relaxing bedtime routine: remove your make up and apply a soothing night cream. Try Olay Total Effects which works hard to fights the 7 signs of aging in just one pump. Finally, have a hot cup of chamomile tea to set you up for sound night of zzzs.


Read to your kids

There are surprising benefits to reading with our kids - and not just for the children either! Enjoy the start of the quietest time of day, snuggle together under the duvet and really make reading to your kids an experience to remember! Let them pick a story they like and really make it come to life. Try not to think about what you'll do next, or what happened at work today, but focus on this time with your precious ones, being present in that beautiful moment. Bliss!


Have a heart-to-heart with a friend

Having a chat with a friend, in person or on the phone, is an instant stress buster. It doesn't have to be long, but sharing some of your worries and listening to someone else's can bring perspective, and the sense of connection can be an instant calming influence. Do it over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and harness the power of getting together to boost your mood! Try setting a date with a close pal this Valentine's Day and use this time to bond and enjoy each other's company.


Get outdoors

Fresh air, sunlight (even on a cloudy day) and a sense of connection with nature are all stress-reducing tools. Take a moment from your busy day to get outside, even for a few minutes, to keep your stress levels down. Even better: combine several of our tips and get outdoors for a walk, with a friend!


What is your number one weapon against the stresses and tensions of everyday life as a busy mom?



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