5 ways good posture boosts your confidence

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There is real power in standing a little taller – here’s how perfecting your posture can help you daily.

Whether it's a job interview or hosting a birthday party for the kids full of new people, we've all experienced those moments where our confidence takes a knock. But according to the experts, there's a way to turn that around - and it's pretty simple. Follow our tips on how fixing your posture can boost your confidence, no matter how much you have on your plate.

  1. Good posture can hide insecurities. According to experts, touching your neck - rather than sitting up tall with your hands in your lap - is a surefire way of letting people know you're anxious (it's a primitive move - to protect your jugular vein, apparently). Instead, keep hands away from your face when you're not feeling at the top of your game. If dandruff is part of the reason you're reaching towards your face or neck, try Head and Shoulders Cool Menthol Shampoo and Conditioner to keep your scalp flake-free and your confidence high. They're both gentle for everyday use and instantly cleanses, moisturizes and protects from the first wash.
  2. Others will take you more seriously. When we're nervous, it's easy to ‘shrink' and make ourselves appear smaller, but experts agree that pulling ourselves up straight (shoulders back, spine straight and chin up) is a better way to feel confident and ensure people take us - and our opinions - seriously.
  3. You'll feel more capable. Studies have shown that taking on a ‘positive' upright posture can change how we feel about ourselves - rating our skills more highly after changing to this more empowering, confident position.
  4. Your energy will improve. Research shows that stretching, standing up (or even just sitting straighter) after sitting down for long periods can help improve energy levels and mood. It's even been said to reduce stress levels, so it's a smart idea to incorporate it into our daily routines.
  5. It boosts your breathing. An upright posture increases your oxygen intake significantly, and a better breathing technique means your body feels more relaxed and confident as a result. So now, tackling that difficult conversation or presentation really will be a walk in the park. 

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