5 Easy Ways to a Better You

5 Easy Ways to a Better You

Being the best version of yourself doesn't have to be hard and confusing. Here are our tips to be a better you!

Grace Lanuza is a leadership mentor and busy entrepreneur. She is the mother of a 2-year-old boy who launched her own company so she could spend more time with him. Grace shares her tips for achieving a better you in 2015. Ladies, start your engines.

1. Take a single step toward better health.

For Grace, the easy health goal was to drink more water. "I know that I don't drink enough water so I'm always conscious of this," she says. "Now that I have a son, it is important to set an example. One health goal per year is a manageable thing to do."   

2. Set 3 Big Goals: one Personal, one Professional and one Family Goal.

Grace assigns one goal to each of these three areas: personal, professional and family. "Some examples of my personal goals are to attend one conference in 2015, to read at least six business books and to schedule no more than two evening engagements per week."   

Professional goals include looking for ways to increase my business network, acquire new clients in new industries, and finding ways to revamp old systems to increase efficiency and profitability.

Her suggestions for family goals include:

Take one completely off the grid holiday as a family
Eat healthy 5 to 6 days out of the week
Have at least 1 to 2 family activities each week.

"As a family, we try to visit the local farmer's market once a week. This supports our healthy eating goal and our family time goal,"says Grace.

3. Set Mini-Goals.

As a working mom, Grace knows that sticking to a schedule is a life saver. Each month she sets a mini goal that acts as a check and balance to the larger picture.

Here's how she organizes her time.

January (family health checkups)
February (self-care)
March (spring cleaning)
April (home and auto repairs)
May (charity work)
June (annual recycling)
July (summer outdoor activities: swimming, biking, hiking in parks)

Grace's family lives in Vancouver, Canada, where summer is short! "We challenge ourselves to at least one summer activity per week."   

August (6 month evaluation)
September (fall reset. What must be finished by year end?)
October (celebrate accomplishments and plan for next year)
November (holiday shopping and preparations)
December (family fun: snowboarding and skiing)

4. Celebrate the Wins!

This mom doesn't take anything for granted. "In 2009, my Dad passed away suddenly. Four months later, we lost my mother-in-law. At the time, my husband and I were really driving our careers and didn't have time for anything else. It made us both realize that tomorrow is not promised and to live in the moment. So now, we celebrate big and small wins." 

5. Set one Ultimate Experience, Dream Goal

Your ultimate experience goal may be something that is easily achievable now. For others, it may take time ”but put it on the list anyway. "I want to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda," says Grace. "My husband wants to cave dive with great white sharks in South Africa. These are not experiences done easily when you're 80 years old. We want to do them now!"  

For many women, setting goals is an easy way to keep tabs on personal and professional development. It's like giving yourself a gentle performance review. Just don't be too critical. Grace cautions that being a better you doesn't mean achieving perfection. "Don't stress over goals. View each year as an opportunity to grow as a CEO, a wife, or a mom. In the end, my idea of accomplishment is happiness."

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