Let's Get Black with Oral-B's UltraThin Black Tea Toothbrush

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I have always been a fan of taking care of myself. Some people call me kikay and maarte for that, but I really prioritize my well being and overall health. I grew up with my mom always telling me to take care of myself and to love myself so that's what I have been doing :p

Overall health doesn't just mean going on a diet, going to the gym, but it also means taking care of your skin and even your teeth. I have my own share of insecurities and pet peeves and as I have mentioned before, teeth is one of them. Coming from someone who had braces for 7 years, it became a huge part of me already and now I don't want to ever turn back. I get teeth checked and cleaned regularly but that doesn't mean that you'll neglect taking care of your teeth on a daily basis.

My teeth and gum area are highly sensitive so it always has been a hunt for me when it comes to finding the right equipment, lol. Toothbrushes may seem like they all have the same function but I am very particular to its quality and material. Given that my gums are sensitive - meaning it easily bleeds whenever I brush my teeth, I have to find the right toothbrush for me.

Just recently I got introduced to Oral B's Ultra Thin Black Tea toothbrush, which is infused with real black tea essence within the bristles and I am IN LOVE WITH IT. The bristles are so fine that it actually massages the gums as you brush! And with the ultra thin bristles, you can also get more dirt out since it goes deeper, talk about deep cleansing! I also noticed that my teeth hasn't been prone to stains ever since I started using it! No more pain and bleeding as I brush my teeth, thank God :)

99php is still an inexpensive price to pay compared to getting your teeth fixed or done at the dentist. So before regret hits you, I suggest that you be religious enough when it comes to taking care of your oral health. Better teeth also means better health so start investing on yourself more :D

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