Review: Metamucil Fibre Supplement

By Cat Arambulo

Top of the morning!


I’m starting my day by letting you in on a little secret. For the past few months: during my pregnancy and until now post pregnancy, I’ve been taking Metamucil. Did you know that we’re supposed to consume 20-25 grams of fiber daily? That’s around 3 cups of spinach,  9 cups of carrots,  ½ cup of green peas, 3oz of corn and ½ cup of green peas. OMG! Sadly, I can’t seem to meet those requirements with the food I eat so I take the easiest route to meet my fiber goals, Metamucil.


Ok, so I’m sure you must be wondering: WHAT IS METAMUCIL?


Metamucil is a daily fibre supplement made from 100% natural psyllium husk. It is the most convenient was to increase your daily fiber intake.


During my pregnancy, Metamucil was recommended to me by my OB-GYN because I was constipated. Don’t you just hate that feeling? Ugh, being constipated is so annoyingly uncomfortable!


Post-pregnancy, I’m still continiung to drink it because it helps regulate my bowel movements. But here’s the best part, it’s also a good way to lose weight because you feel full after drinking it.


Here’s how I use it:


Recommended usage is 1 ½ teaspoon with 8 oz. of water. TIP: Stir and drink it quickly because it thickens.

Metamucil Orange

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I drink each serving size 1-2 times daily. I drink it before breakfast and if I remember I drink it before dinner time. Personally, I like taking it before meals so that I feel full and eat less. Try drinking an extra 8 oz. of water after to help speed up the process. *wink*


It’s THAT easy!!! Imagine, you get some of the fiber requiremetns that you need in just one drink. PLUS  these benefits:


  • Helps make your bowel movements, “regular”
  • Helps make you feel less hungry
  • Helps lower cholesterol levels
  • Helps maintainhealthy blood sugar levels
  • Promotes digestive health


To know more about Metamucil: FAQs (



I hope this information helps.



P.S.  Don’t expect immediate results. Use it every day for a few days. ALWAYS consult your doctor first!

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Hello! It's my first time here and I'm glad I registered. I just want to share that I am an avid Olay beauty soap user. It has helped me maintain soft skin that I don't really need to put on lotion!! Excited to explore this site because I love reading articles especially health and beauty tips! Thanks all!

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Hope I could try this! Had a constipation problem hopenit would be a resolution. :)

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I am wondering whether this product is also good for me though I am not preggy..??? Does this supplement only for pregnant women? If not, it would be great to receive some samples. I honestly don't have regular bowel movements and I always feel hungry though I eat a lot. I wanna try some.

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Hello! Currently, Mercury Drug has this in-store promotion where you can get Metamucil for only 499. I'm not sure when this promo will end so I suggest getting some now. :)

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I would really love to try metamucil. i hope you can give me samples please.. pretty please..

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