Metamucil Review: Feeling Light from Within!

I’m a brat. I don’t like eating vegetables, and I can only stomach a few fruits (and usually in liquid form). It was quite unfortunate that I was never able to train my palette to enjoy fruits and vegetables — I honestly wish I did as a child because then I’d not only be healthy but it wouldn’t make dieting such a chore. When asked what my favorite vegetable is, I’d always blurt out: “potatoes” (fried in oil, fries form specifically, and yes, they count because they’re root crops) and when asked what my favorite fruit is, I can count them all with one hand: bananas, mangoes, Fiji apples, strawberries, and kiwis. I’m incorrigible, I know!

Coupled with the tendency to have little liquid intake, it was no wonder that I developed a colon irritation at the tender age of 12. TMI, I know, but I’m just being totally honest. With it, I was advised by my doctor to increase my fiber intake. My mom’s initial approach was to feed me 1 whole Papaya every meal and I loathed it with the passion of ten million suns. I hated the taste of it and likened it to soap (which is funny because, I did use papaya soap on my face when I was 12). Later on and after my vocal complaints, she transitioned me to Psyllium husks—which came in tasteless liquid form that activated my gag reflex the moment it touched my lips, and then in capsule form, which was such a chore considering I had to take 10 of it every meal.

I was at wit’s end. Eventually, when I was old enough to make decisions, I just made sure to drink plenty of water and to take other supplements but even that wasn’t a guarantee.  Fast-forward to early this year when I was introduced to Metamucil—which has always been a household name abroad; I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was available in the local market as well. Most importantly, it came in pleasant flavors (Thank Heavens!)—Orange and Strawberry—so it took off any residual taste. Now, I’m finally able to resolve a health issue, boost my fiber intake, and relieve myself from bloat!

Metamucil Orange

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I can sing this product more praises truly and its purpose is very straightforward: add fiber to your daily dietary intake, simple. So for those of you, who are like me, or for those of you who want to take a step further to keeping your bodies healthy, make this a part of your daily habit. That said, let me work on my preference for vegetables and fruits but at least, right now, my body is getting the proper fiber nutrient it deserves. 

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I have not heard about this metamucil product brand yet. And I am curious about it. I hope to get a sample to try.

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Can i have a sample of metamucil??

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Can I have free samples of Metamucils.

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can i have free samples of this please :) i think my boy needs it

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Looking forward on using metamucil. Don't have much time for myself since I'm a mother of 3 cheeky boys...

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