5 Easy Leg Exercise on How to Gain a Beautiful Sexy Legs

5 Easy Leg Exercise on How to Gain a Beautiful Sexy Legs

WHAT MAKES A LEG BEAUTIFUL? A pretty shape of course. Here some exercises to help you achieve this. 1. Sit with the knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Clasp arms around knees and bend the head to rest on the knees. Slowly stretch the feet and pull the head backwards. 2. Sit with legs straight along the floor. Bend the knees and stretch feet. Clasp hands around knees, tilt back head and hold stretched position for a few second. ( 1 and 2 for insteps, calves and ankles.) 3. Lie on back, lift legs and body, balancing by stretching hands along the floor. “Cycle” with feet, keeping toes pointed. ( 3 for flexibility of hamstrings-tendons at back of legs.) 4. Still lying, hold hips in position, bend and stretch each leg in turn, pointing feet holding the stretch position for a few seconds. ( 4 and 5 for calves and thighs.) 5. Stand with feet apart, arms stretched sideways. Bend to touch left foot with right hand, return to standing position and repeat on opposite side. ( 4 and 5 for calves and thighs.) Do each movements 4-6 times only to begin with, increasing gradually to 12 times as the muscles become accustomed to the movements.

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