"Get Real" Resolutions

Tackle a real resolution this year with small steps and realistic expectations.

With the New Year comes the age-old tradition: promises for self-improvement. But it's widely known that most of us don't keep our New Year's resolutions - so we're probably less likely to make a resolution in the first place.

Regardless of where you may fall on the make them, break them or hate them spectrum, they're bound to be a topic of conversation come January 1.

Maybe more than we recognize, resolutions can be tricky for moms. How do we spend more time with the kids, keep a more organized house and make it to the gym seven days a week with sports' schedules, chores, homework, errands and life in general happening? It's exhausting.

Remind yourself that you're in the trenches and you're doing it, and there's no reason to try to change everything. Let's focus on changing one thing at a time. And be sure to acknowledge the amazing things you accomplished last year - Teddy is potty trained and Alexa is successfully a fifth grader. Go on, pat yourself on the back. Seriously. It's no small task being mom!

Getting Real
If you're planning on making New Year's resolutions, consider getting real with them. Avoid the usual suspects like "lose weight," "eat healthier" or "be a better person." Setting small, specific goals may reduce unnecessary (and unrealistic) pressure to make huge changes.

What's realistic for you? Well, that will depend on your schedule. One kid or four? Do you work outside of the home? We could go on and on. The point is: "realistic" is different for everyone, so there is no reason to start the comparison game between you and any other mom. What is best for YOU?

Start Small. Go Slowly. Be Specific.
You don't need to come out full force for your goal. Make sure it's attainable and reasonable. So don't shy away from small, specific goals that will allow you to stay engaged. Instead of making the goal to "eat healthy" and throwing out everything you deem unhealthy in your cupboards, start slow with a couple of meals per week.

A meal is a much smaller mountain to climb - and one less likely to give you a reason to secretly run through a drive through during the day (not that I am speaking from my own experience or anything). And if family meals still seem too big to tackle, then go even smaller. Try adjusting just one or two of your own meals or trade fast food for packing a lunch.

No one knows you better than you do. If you're making resolutions this year, set yourself up for success - be realistic. Encourage other moms to be realistic, too. And most importantly, don't judge other mom's resolutions. It isn't the size of one's resolution that matters; we are all just trying to make improvements. And we all know what it's like to fall flat on our faces, so let's do our best to encourage and support each other.

What are your thoughts on setting New Year's resolutions? Share them with this community of moms.


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