New and improved mom: resolutions for the New Year

New Year’s resolutions speak to the person we want to be, changing our bad habits into positive new ones. But since resolutions are notoriously hard to keep, it’s important to find strategies to keep us on track. Here, three busy working moms express their goals for 2016 and talk about the most important changes they want for themselves and their families.

Make Resolutions a Daily Goal

Melanie Weaver, a TV writer in Studio City, California, is not a big fan of formal resolutions. Instead, she practices a daily resolution of starting each morning with “a clean slate.” “I’m a big proponent of starting over,” she laughs, “Because w e all mess up in so many ways.” Whenever her daughters have a lousy day or do poorly at school she repeats this mantra, “Take a deep breath; you get to start over; you’ll do better tomorrow.” 

Weaver also vow s not to be so distracted by her cell phone, which is the number one topic of discussion among her friends. Weaver’s biggest challenge? “I’m going to stop pretending I’m16 and can stay up till 1am,” she admits. “When I do get more sleep, I’mt he best person ever!”

Keep a Reasonable Schedule

Like most working moms, Sherri Hopeman Weiner of Los Angeles, California, wants to “slow down, and not overschedule myself.” She feels this is especially important at home with her two boys. She often catches herself doing things when she would rather spend time sitting and playing with them.

Hopeman Weiner has also committed to running half marathons. “I’m an older mom so I want to keep fit,” she says. And to stick with it, she’s turned her races into a family affair.“The boys like to watch me and they wait at the finish line to see my medal. They see that exercise is fun.”


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Is there a little fun on her list? How about Date night? “The cornerstone of my family is my relationship with my husband,” she says. Seeing other friends go out on a regular basis has inspired her to act—within reason. “We don’t have to do a w hole night out,” she says, “Just an hour for dinner is fine.” Her two boys are definitely okay with this. “Especially if there’s a cute babysitter!” 

Enlist the Family

Hiro Zeoli, a marketing executive in Long Beach, California, says the most important thing for her is family health. “My daughter has Crohn’s Disease so we’re trying to eat better and exercise.” Zeoli says she’s “one of those people w ho likes to set goals,” and her doable resolution is, “To have one meal together every day.”

“My husband and I are over-stimulated, trying to do 12 things at a time,” Zeoli admits, so 2015 will also include more yoga and meditation. “The peaceful down time helps me to think more clearly,” she says.

What to remember

For active working mothers, it helps to keep goals manageable and share them with others. This helps create better habits for you and the family. So don’t wait for another year to go by—you have everything you need to keep your resolutions in 2015. 

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This year, I will spend more time with my family especially with my daughter. I will lessen overtime hours and shorten field works. I have to be at home before 6PM.

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