Healthy oils

Healthy oils, from head to toe

The fact that certain oils have beneficial properties -- to heal, soothe and protect -- has been known since ancient times. In recent years, these valuable products, in all their forms, have become even more appreciated. Today we have oils for virtually all parts of the body, from head to toe. Among the most famous of these are argan, jojoba, olive, almond, and coconut oil.

Probably, most bathroom cabinets today have some form of beauty oil, in its purest variant in small rare bottles. For a long time, oils have been used as ingredients in fine skin and hair care products, but for these uses the most prevalent oils have been mineral oils, which are controversial. Mineral oil is a cheap ingredient that has been widely criticized because it tends to clog the pores and make the skin lifeless.
The oils that are favored nowadays, however, are the much more expensive vegetable varieties, such as argan, jojoba, almond and olive oil.

Care from trees and shrubs:
The Moroccan argan tree bears fruit whose seeds are roasted and ground to give up an exclusive and expensive oil. Argan oil is marketed for, among other things, a cure for brittle nails, and for treating dry hair and skin. It is also said to restore the skin's luster, and to have a healing effect on eczema.
The proponents of jojoba oil speak of the same advantages. The protein-rich jojoba oil confers a luster to the skin, and restores life to dry and damaged hair. The oil, extracted from seeds of the jojoba shrub, is also said to speed up hair growth.

Valuable nuts:
The properties of the oil that is extracted from almond nuts are also highly regarded. The oil is gentle and soothing, and can be used as a make-up remover instead of soap and other cleaning agents. Many women also use almond oil on their eyelashes overnight, a procedure that is said to make the lashes denser and to speed their growth. Almond oil is also favored as a massage oil because it is not absorbed by the skin as quickly as some other oils.
Noteworthy among the other oils is coconut oil. The positive health benefits of coconut oil have been written about for years, but not just any coconut oil -- the favored variety is ecologically sound cold pressed coconut oil. But coconut oil also has its place in the world of beauty. It can be used as a hair conditioner or skin conditioner, or a cure for cracks in the feet. Another tip is to pour a few drops into bath water to make your skin soft and lustrous.

Beauty in the pantry:
A person who is economically on the bad side of things does not need to despair. You can just go to your kitchen or pantry and grab the olive oil bottle. It has been valued for ages, especially among people living around the Mediterranean, as a treatment for dry cuticles, rough elbows, winter-weary feet, and dry scalp. To protect your skin and give it an attractive softness, cold-pressed olive oil is often mentioned as the absolute best choice.

One factor to think about when it comes to the choice of oils is that there are varieties that have more or less fat. The "drier" oils are more rapidly absorbed into the skin, but their effects are not as long-lasting. The more fatty oils have a more durable effect, but they take longer for the skin to absorb. The best approach is to choose the oil based on your skin type -- a "dry" oil for oily skin and a "fatty" oil for dry skin.

Author: Lotta Ringdahl.

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