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I got my EverydayMe kit already! Part of the kit are the coupons, your EverydayMe card and some products. What I got is Whisper X-long (which I really needed). Having a monthly period is a struggle for every woman especially when your period is heavy. You'll feel uncomfortable, always worried about the stain, and it's totally irritating. Then I got a free sample from everydayme one day before my period and it's really a great gift. For all the years of suffering from changing every after 2-3 hours (even during midnight) because the napkin is full already, Whisper X-long is the best solution! Why? Well because it's long, it's less hassle and you don't have to worry about the leaks because Whisper got your back! What's also good about it is that it protects us from bad odor from the period. Overall, Whisper X-long is a great invention for all the girls who's suffering from heavy flow. It'll give you a lot more confidence while you have your monthly struggle. Great Job Whisper! I'd also like to thank EverydayMe and P&G for making this possible. Thru this we can surely select and know the best products that really suits our needs.


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just received my kit thanks!

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Yehey!, I got mine ♥♥♥

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