Be Invincible: Switch to Whisper Skin Love

Be Invincible: Switch to Whisper Skin Love

I thought I had it all. It was gentle like cotton to my skin. It was clean cut with the perfect fit. It promised me protection, but it only embarrassed me, stained me! I would shy away from the world whenever I have my period - say no to dates, stay at home missing barkada gimiks and even skip yoga just because I am scared to get stained again. I was missing out, FoMO! This period is engulfing the best of me until .. Whisper unveils Skin Love,the first of its kind, ultra slim pad with soft air dry cushion for a cottony shield. Whisper Skin Love is amazingly super slim like skin thin that I can wear it with tights without visible marks. I don’t even have to worry about back leaks because it has a longer and wider back coverage. It is only ⅓ the thickness of regular pads but, it has 3x more absorbency, thanks to its magic gel that absorbs and locks fluid deep inside the pad. Not only that, Skin Love contains a unique odor control molecules so you don’t have to worry about smelling bad down there. And oh, the pad also smells powdery fresh like a baby and you could easily fit it at the back pocket of your jeans like a folded pink hanky, just in case you have to change discreetly. Ready to be invincible? Switch to Whisper Skin Love!


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