A perfect 5 for Amazing Result of Whisper Skin Love

I just want to say Thank you so much for choosing me as one of the Whisper Skin Love Ambassador. It is a great pride & privilege to be part of this challenge & be heard. At first, as I opened both pads, Whisper Skin Love & another brand which I called "Brand X", I feel so hesitant to continue the trial, because it has unequal thickness and the result might be bias. But based on the challenge, I game a perfect 5 to Whisper Skin Love for being the thinnest. Because it measured approximately .03 centimeter while other brand measured double its Whisper Size, I also gave Whisper a perfect 5 for its softness. Another perfect 5 for most absorbent bec. as I pour liquid to both pads I observed whisper Love has a lighter shade of blue as indication of most absorbent. I also try to put tissue paper on the top of each napkin & apply pressure to determine the possible wetness Whisper has an amazing result. To sum up, a highly recommended brands


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