Your New Year Total Detox Plan

Your New Year Total Detox Plan


Considering a healthy makeover for your body? Why not give everything from your home to your handbag a ‘detox’ while you’re at it? Here’s how…

After over-indulging in the party season January is the ideal time to detox – less treats and more exercise. It leaves us feeling fitter to take on the New Year. But what if we could go further and give our whole life a clear out? Why not try these nifty ideas and get yourself in seriously good shape for spring?


1.Detox your body

Do you usually struggle to stick to your fitness regime, even when New Year’s resolutions are still ringing in your ears? It’s time to try something new.

TIP: Pick a time in your daily schedule that you find it easiest to keep free for exercising at home, in the park or at the gym, then find an activity that suits that time of the day. Sticking to the same schedule each day makes keeping the habit a lot easier.

2. Detox your mind

Meditation can be a brilliant way to clear out the junk we worry about day in day out.

TIP: When you are ready to make time to sit down somewhere comfortable, chill out and meditate, choose a space in your home which isn’t cluttered or too noisy. For example, if you can hear the washing machine chugging away when you’re on your sofa, head for the bedroom!

3. Detox your home

It’s tempting to put off a big tidy up until your general cleaning, but after the holidays our homes are usually cluttered up with boxes and mess. A tidy room instantly makes you feel better, so when it’s too wet or cold to go outside, why not tackle some of that clutter? Keep only items that you really need and this also applies to your make up and toiletries. You don’t need 4 kinds of shampoos and 5 bottles of moisturizers lined up in your bathroom. If you have sensitive skin, stick to a product that really works for you, like the hydrating lotions from Olay. Got way too many bottles of shampoos and conditioners? Give away the rest but keep a daily clarifying shampoo from Pantene to remove build up. Donate what you don’t use to keep your life simpler!

TIP: Keep a box by the front door for items you don’t need that could go to charity. Every time it’s full, bag the things up and drop them off at your local thrift shop, keeping the box in your hall ready to fill up again.

4. Detox your handbag

Be kind to your back and treat that over-heavy handbag to a clear out. It’s amazing how much we accumulate but a 10-minute sort can leave us with a sleeker, better looking bag and improved chances of finding our keys when we want them.

TIP: Stick to one of everything, and collect together little things like lip balm, tissues and hand cream in one cute little purse so they don’t get loose and mucky in the bottom of your bag.

5. Detox your spending

After Christmas we all tend to tighten our belts, but how easy is it to keep up your good spending habits? Set aside one evening to write down a list of all your household income and outgoings. By simply mapping it all out so, you can start to get a better picture of what will help keep your finances in check.

TIP: From food shopping to buying new clothes, just a little planning ahead can help, so check out your shopping tips.

6. Detox your social life

Have you slumped into a routine of going to the same old places? Or worst still, do you never even get out to see friends that often? It’s time to give your free time a facelift!

TIP: Use the New Year to get stuck into a new hobby. Whether it’s just something that you find relaxing or you want to learn a new skill, read on for tips on how to motivate yourself to try something new.

7. Detox your wardrobe

Are the rails in your cupboards groaning with clothes that you haven’t worn in years? Over-filled wardrobes make it easy for moths to thrive among rarely touched jumpers and those dresses you really love are much more likely to get crumpled and spoiled. A good clear out will not only make it easier to find outfits each morning but also help you focus on what you really want when the spring fashions hit the shops.

TIP: If you hate throwing good clothes away, why not do a clothes swap with your mates? It’s a fun night in, you are recycling and you get a new look for nothing!

8. Detox your job

Giving your job a makeover can do wonders not only for your bank balance but also boost your confidence and have a positive impact on your home life.

TIP: If you want to go back to work after having children, you’re hoping to change careers or just looking for a new job in a field you already know, it’s good to map out your end goals before you start to put plans in motion.

9. Detox your diet

If you are exercising more, then it’s the ideal time to declutter your diet too. In rainy season when we’re all stuck indoors more often, eating is a common way to overcome boredom, but it’s worth at least keeping nibbles as healthy as possible.

TIP: Keep a food diary for a week and you’ll quickly spot the times when you’re eating more than you need to.

10. Family time

It's so easy to spend all your time at home doing chores while the kids get on with homework or see their classmates. But just think how good it feels when you’re away on holiday and you all get a bit of down time together. Why not make time to do the same every weekend, all year round?

TIP: Plan your family getaway, you can go to the nearest beach or go out of town for the weekend.


How else do you think you can detox your life? Share them below by leaving a comment! Shop for important must-have items at great prices by visiting P&G Beauty Official Store on Shopee.

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