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It's time to start thinking about your next holiday! But before you can enjoy a well-deserved holiday, you'll often have to deal with airport queues, a pressurised cabin and maybe even jet-lag. None of this makes it easy to stay fresh and presentable from take-off to landing! The solution? Our well-being survival kit, 100% compliant with airline security measures!

What you should know

Take a resealable clear plastic bag (such as a freezer bag) of a maximum capacity of one litre (around 20cm x 20cm) with you. Only one of these bags is permitted per passenger. Check that none of the containers you're putting inside the bag exceed 100ml.

What to take

1) 1 packet of make-up removal wipes
Benefits: What better way to remove the impurities from your skin during the flight? Use just before applying your moisturising cream to cleanse your skin of every last trace of dirt. You should also avoid applying makeup beforehand so as not to aggravate the skin, which is likely not to react very well with your usual foundation or powder (alas, the pressurised air in the cabin is enough of an irritant as it is!).

2) 2 samples of moisturising cream = 10ml
Benefits: If you don't want to look downright crestfallen when you step off the plane, offset the warm, dry air in the cabin, which will eventually aggravate the skin, by applying 2 samples of your favourite moisturising cream. Apply one hour before departure and reapply around 3-4 hours into the flight, followed by another good layer just before landing. Perfect for soft, supple skin!

3) 1 moisturising lip balm
Benefits: Leave the lipstick or gloss aside since these will dry your lips out too much and opt instead for a nourishing stick of lip balm that you can apply as and when you feel the need. Remember to drink plenty of water and fruit juice, too!

4) 2 doses of saline solution to prevent bloodshot eyes = 10ml
Benefits: Kiss goodbye to having bloodshot eyes when you get off the plane with these great little drops that will cleanse and moisturise the eyes, leaving them feeling fresh and rested for your arrival. 2 drops in each eye every 4 hours is enough if you wear contact lenses (incidentally, think about wearing your glasses whilst travelling) and/or if you have sensitive eyes.

5) 1 ice-cold roll-on = 15ml
Benefits: Between the difference in time zones, the fatigue and the air-conditioning, you'll often find that your eyes are puffy and have bags under them when you get off the plane. When it comes to rectifying this, nothing is more effective than an eye massage ball. Massaging the eye contour area will immediately freshen and relieve pressure in the eyes whilst encouraging drainage and micro-circulation. For best results, apply 4 hours into the flight and most importantly just before landing!

6) 1 packet of deodorant wipes
Benefits: Use at least every 2-3 hours to stay fresh. Generally-speaking, they don't have the same antiperspirant effect as a traditional deodorant but they are extremely practical and discrete when travelling, making them a good alternative for putting your mind at ease when it comes to sweaty odours!

7) 1 kit containing minitoothpaste and folding toothbrush = 15ml
Benefits: You probably won't want to be carrying your large tube of toothpaste and your normal toothbrush around with you in your handbag (particularly if it's an electric one!). For perfectly fresh breath and a squeaky-clean mouth (which even chewing gum fails to achieve after a couple of hours), why not make life easier by getting hold of a readymade travel kit from your local health and beauty store or hypermarket.

8) 1 lavender essential oil-based spray = 50ml
Benefits: Lavender is a natural stress reliever. Spray some onto a handkerchief and inhale whenever you start to feel anxious or tired.

9) 1 spray to prevent tired, heavy legs = 50ml
Benefits: Relieves pressure and boosts blood circulation. For best results with tired, heavy legs or pins and needles, take of advantage of getting up to use the toilet to stretch your legs and avoid crossing your legs and bending your ankles.

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