Should you be using a fabric softener with your baby's clothes?

Should you be using a fabric softener with your baby's clothes?

Here's how Downy Baby Gentle will put your worries to rest so you can take care of your little one

When it comes to the well being of your precious one, no precaution is too much. Even if it's just a rumour you heard from a friend, or superstitious warning from your elderly aunt, it's better to be safe than sorry.

With this natural protective concern, many moms in Asia are concerned about using fabric enhancers or fabric softeners for washing baby clothes due to the belief that such products contain harmful chemicals that can cause allergies or other negative reactions.

A baby's skin need more care

Moms have every reason to be concerned. A newborn's skin is extremely sensitive so you don't want to take any chances with unwanted exposure. The reason for this is that the epidermis - or outer layer of skin - in babies is 20-30 percent thinner than in adults, so it is crucial to use products that will not affect your infant's sensitive skin.

Some moms are concerned that the perfume in fabric softeners will irritate babies, and that inhaling such strong scents can expose their babies to adverse health effects, such as nausea and dizziness.

Seasoned and new moms alike will also testify to the fact that baby clothes will need frequent washing. Store-bought clothes need to be washed before they are worn by your newborn as they could be sprayed with chemicals to prevent wrinkles from occurring while shipping them to retail shops. Inevitably, a baby's clothes will suffer a multitude of stains from food, spit-up and milk, requiring daily rinsing and soaking to prevent stains before being washed.

Choosing the best fabric softener for your baby's clothes

The good news is that there are fabric softeners out there made specially for washing baby clothes, and with the right care and laundry practices, there's no reason to worry about risking harm with your child.

Research by household brand experts P&G, who have over 80 years of experience in developing baby products (such as Dreft and Pampers), show that 9 out of 10 dermatologists from the Skin Health Alliance recommend using a detergent and fabric softener that has been developed specially for babies, like Downy Baby Gentle.

Downy Baby Gentle contains softening actives in its formula, which have been technically proven by experts in the P&G Kobe Innovation Centre to make fabrics softer and smoother, and has also been dermatologically tested and proven safe for use on baby clothes, and thus suitable to use with clothes that come into constant contact with your baby's skin, like swaddling sheets or onesies.

The scents used in Downy Baby Gentle are carefully chosen to be pleasing to babies, producing a mild, gentle and comforting fragrance. Using only plant-derived softening actives and natural ingredients, the product ensures your baby's health is never compromised while keeping your little one smelling wonderful.

Go ahead and give your precious one the gentlest care you can with softer, smoother clothes! Try Downy Baby Gentle today and share your experience with other moms here on Everyday Me!

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