Romantic Gesture

Romantic Gesture


Romantic gesture

Clean clothes mean much more than just stain free garments. They’re close

to your heart, they have a special smell, and they can boost your mood. We spoke to one mom with a special story.

My husband is far from a hopeless romantic. We’ve been married for twenty years, we have one great, but messy, teenage son, and he’s never once got me a Valentine’s Day gift.

Well, maybe once, but I think that may have been a coincidence.

So when Valentines came last year, I wasn’t expecting anything from him. I spent the day as I normally would, but it seems he had a trick up his sleeve this year.

After I’ve picked our son up from school, I usually drop him at football, do the shopping and head home. My husband usually picks our son up after football practice.

Well, this time, when I got home, there was a package lying on our doorstep. No name, no address. Odd.

I got in and opened it, only to see my old knitted sweater. I hadn’t seen it in more than 10 years! It was the same sweater I had snuggled up with my newborn son in, just after he had been born.

And it was clean, fresh and smelled so good. So good I had to sit down with it. All those memories of days 15 years ago came flooding back.

So it seems like romantic gestures aren’t a no-go in our house after all. And for me, this was the grandest romantic gesture of all. Something so personal and so forgotten dug up and returned to its glory. Romance was alive.

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Your forgotten favorites will smell great in no time!

Got any touching gestures from your partners? Share your romantic stories below!

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