Get the Best Bango Ever With Ariel!

No need to worry about losing that fresh laundry fragrance with the new Ariel with freshness of Downy Parfum!

Get Long Lasting Freshness

Confidence comes from clothes that look and feel fresh, which is why the new Ariel powder comes with Downy perfume technology in our new Ariel detergent with Freshness of Downy Parfum. You not only get the stain busting and cleaning power of Ariel, but you also get that extra fresh laundry smell so that your garments are left with long lasting freshness, giving you Ariel's best bango ever!

How to keep clothes smelling fresh all day long

You put your favorite outfit on in the morning, it looks and feels great, but after a day of running around you might find yourself asking how to keep your laundry smelling fresh all day long? Get your best bango with our tips to help make clothes smell good in our article.


How to keep clothes smelling fresh long term


Keeping that bango on the short term is a challenge, but if you find your clothes get dingy overtime and lose that fresh smell, find out more on how to keep laundry smelling fresh on the long term with Ariel with Freshness of Downy Parfum.



Clean laundry is not only about removing those stains, but also about keeping that fresh feeling all day long. Experience a clean you not only see, but smells good as well. Get the best freshness from your laundry with the new Ariel with Freshness of Downy Parfum, and you can go about your day feeling confident in your favorite clothes. What a feeling! Ariel's best bango ever!


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