Doing Laundry with Downy Parfum Collection Fusion

Doing Laundry with Downy Parfum Collection Fusion

Here's how you can make your clothes softer and more fragrant!

Can I say that I just love doing the laundry? Aside from cooking, if there's one household chore that you'd have me do every day, I'd choose doing the laundry. You know why? It's because I love the smell of clothes that just came out of the washing machine or those that are hung to dry.

Of course, that perfect laundry ending can only be attributed to my favorite fabric conditioner: Downy. Ever since I found out about Downy, it became a non-negotiable during laundry day. Not only does it make our clothes super soft, it also makes ironing so much easy and of course, it gives long-lasting fragrance.

Last year, I discovered Downy Parfum Collection, of which scents are carefully blended by the world's leading perfume house to provide a special, long-lasting scent experience on clothes, just like wearing perfume!

The first scent I learned to love was Downy Timeless which evokes the scent reminiscent of a mom's love...

What I love about Downy Fusion? Laking Tipid! There's no need to wear perfume anymore since it already smells like perfume. It also has a beautifully balanced scent that's made for both men and women. Our husbands need not worry that they smell like us.. LOL!

It has just the right hint of floral and the right hint of woodsy. It's perfect for everyday use and for the whole family.

Today, I'm sharing with you another scent from the Downy Parfum Collection that captured my heart-- Downy Fusion.

Downy Fusion combines the refreshing notes of water, green apple and pears (top notes), the feminine scent of flowers and red berry (middle notes), mixed with vanilla and musk (bottom notes).

When you pour it from the bottle, you'll find a very light blue green color. Just like all Downy fabric conditioner, you have to pour it in the last rinse water or put it in the washing machine dispenser. Then dry your clothes after rinsing with Downy Fusion.

Recommended Usage:

  • Handwash: ½ cap for 15-20 garments
  • Machine Wash: 1 cap for full load
  • For blankets, jeans, and towel - pour 1 additional cap of Downy
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