#HomeGoals Couple's Challenge: Workout Together with Downy

#HomeGoals Couple's Challenge: Workout Together with Downy

My wife and I both work on weekdays so other than walking a few meters during breaks, lunch and going to and from work, we don't have much time to exercise. But we both understand the importance of good health so we bought a stationary bike so we can workout as much as we can at home. I would sometimes do it before dozing off. We would sometimes take turns or we'd do a mini-competition to make it more fun. You can just imagine how soaking wet and smelly our workout clothes can be with these rigorous activities. We're glad that we're able to try Downy Sunrise Fresh. After the first use, we immediately noticed the difference! Even if we're all sweaty, our clothes are still soft and good-smelling. It is also very easy to use. A cap of it can cover 20-25 garments. How economical, isn't it? It also comes in sachets. We actually bought more stocks because we loved how it improved the quality of our clothes. I am definitely recommending Downy Sunrise Fresh!


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