#HomeGoals Couple's Challenge with Ariel Sunrise Fresh

#HomeGoals Couple's Challenge with Ariel Sunrise Fresh

It’s changing time. Every two weeks we change our bed sheet, towels, bedding, and pillowcase. It’s very hard for us to wash our clothes and other clothing. Struggle at many times because we don’t have a washing machine, struggle because we wash our weekly unclean clothes at the same time we change bed sheet, bedding, towels and pillowcase although it’s every two weeks . We soaked our laundry first with the help of Ariel Sunrise Fresh to soften and remove the stain and dust. After a few hours we start scrubbing and brushing our clothes. Actually he doesn’t help me if the laundry is our weekly clothes. He helps me only every two weeks because the bedsheet, bedding & towels are difficult to squeeze. Thank you to Ariel Sunrise Fresh because we don’t need to scrub and brush hardly. #ArielSunriseFresh #HomeGoalsCouple’sChallenge #ArielSunriseFreshChallengeDone #ArielSunriseFreshChallengeAccepted


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