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I can't imagine how broad it took me now of being a hands-on mom as well as a wife. I was a working mom/wife before and I truly didn't care at all for what type of laundry detergents or powders should we use in our household, my only concern that time was to spend... While now, things changed, when I finally got my turn to handle household chores, this was the turning point of being a fulltime mom/wife. I was being so keen with labels,details and even brands of a certain product. In short, I am sigurista!... Thru that developed character of mine, it lead me to P&G products. I admire the quality as well as the quantity of their product! I also took advantage of their promos where in I can save more pennies. Happy and satisfied! Thanks P&G


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Wow just looking at it gets me excited. Hope I can get one too! Procter and Gamble is the best when it comes to products

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