Marketing strategy for a washing process

Marketing strategy for a washing process

The little (five-year-old) girl is packing. Marching through the living room, carrying her white clothes towards the bathroom, targeting the washing machine as a final destination and throwing gently but resolutely all her snow white, ironed and clean stuff one by one into it.

The family is following the process with focused attention. Does she seriously want to wash them out? My constant complain after all might have had a great impact at least on her, as I am begging my family to put away their clothes – the clean ones into the closet, the others into the linen bin…She might have over fulfilled my will.


“Sis, what are you doing exactly?” asks her brother with a slight anxiety in his voice.

She stops with arms akimbo and starts to explain what is happening. According to her brother it is worth to pay attention, because she will be giving a proper speech.


“I don’t like my dresses. I want them to be pink. Kate from my group has all the pink clothes, and I don’t have any. Kate said her mommy was the best in the world and they even have a washing machine that can do magic. The white clothes come out pink. I think our washing machine is magical too, so I put my dresses in, say the magic words - I know a lot - and then they will be pink. But Kate said it only works for white dresses.”


So she grabs her white bathrobe and continues her journey to the bathroom.



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“Mom,” says my son, “I think you should tell her that Kate’s mother is rather a marketing expert than a proper laundress. Unbelievable! She can even profit from washing together the white and red clothes.”


“I don’t think so. I’d better take lessons from her.” I am answering with a wide smile, as I was thinking of a good way to bring up the story of my husband’s mobile that has been accidentally washed alongside with the clothes yesterday. She must have a great idea!


Eventually that was the great moment to start doing laundry with my daughter. And we start from the basics: why it’s important to separate white clothes from the colored ones and using always Ariel detergent and Ariel Professional stain remover.


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