Mantsa lang yan! May Ariel Power Gel ako! ♥

Met up w/ my high school friends at my house & I laughed hard abt d silly things we did!I've bcome so giddy dat I spilled tea on my shirt!Wen I went home,my babystarted a foodfight w/ me bcoz shemissed me.she accidentally bumped in2 her chocolatemilk & spilled on myshirt!Priceless moments shouldn't b ruined by stains.My hubby wanted some tortangtalong w/ catsup.I made 1 for him &spilled d sauce while Im prepping our DIY dinner date!After eating,I was so tired dat I fell asleep wearing my shirt!Wen I woke up,t was Monday, & I was feelingsleepy on my way 2 d kitchen wen suddenly babybumped in2 me!I spilled coffeeon my shirt so I decided to put it on the laundry.I was worried dat I wud nvr remove d stains since dey r all dried up.Luckily, i bought Ariel Power Gel!I covered the stains w/ Ariel Power Gel & washed d shirt on our washing machine.After 1 cycle, I pickedd shirt up &hanged 2 dry.2 my surprise,d stains r all wiped out!Im so amazed w/ dis product dat I will recommend it to every1!


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