Keep your baby’s clothes – and skin – soft

Keep your baby’s clothes – and skin – soft

While dressing up your baby is an incredibly fun thing to do, here’s how you can keep those cute baby clothes as soft as your little one’s skin and lasting longer even after many washes.

There’s no denying it – baby clothes are irresistibly cute, and few parents can resist smiling at the sight of pretty little baby booties and onesies.

Shopping and dressing your kid is part of the fun of parenting, but you should keep in mind that baby clothes need just as much tender loving care as your little one. Baby clothes need extra care not just to preserve their colour, texture and softness, but also to ensure your little one’s skin stays free from irritation.

Laundry and stain-removal tips

Because newborns have sensitive skin (a baby’s skin is about 20-30 per cent thinner than an adult’s, which makes their skin ultra-sensitive to irritants) and for general hygiene purposes, it’s generally a good idea to wash all your baby clothes just after purchasing them and before putting them on your little one.

Using detergent and a fabric softener that’s safe for babies, you can choose to either separate washing your baby’s clothes from the rest of the family’s, or simply put them into a mesh laundry bag to protect them in the wash while doing everyone else’s.

Parents will no doubt be familiar with the fact that baby clothes will get all kinds of stains on them. To deal with unfortunate stains caused by things like breastmilk, spit-up, food or leaky nappies, pre-soak the stained clothing before washing them. The sooner stains are treated, the easier they will be to remove.


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If you are fearful of using bleach with your baby’s clothes, there are alternatives like baking soda (or bicarbonate of soda) or using white distilled vinegar. Mixing approximately one tablespoon together with the dirty clothes in the wash can really make a difference.

Pick the right detergent and fabric softener

There are plenty of detergent and fabric softeners on the market, but if you’re after one to use with your baby’s laundry, it’s important to ensure you use one that is suitable for laundering baby clothes.

Downy Baby Gentle is a fabric softener that’s specially formulated to be safe to use with the soft fabrics (cotton, silk or bamboo) of baby clothes, and has been dermatologically tested in the UK to take care of baby skin.

Produced by P&G, a global leader in fabric care with over 80 years of experience developing baby-care products, Downy Baby Gentle contains plant-derived softening actives to keep your baby’s clothes as soft as their delicate skin.

Additionally, Downy Baby Gentle contains natural ingredients that make up the carefully chosen mild scents that are pleasing for baby.

With the right products and laundry practices, you can keep your baby’s clothes soft and lasting longer.

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i'm a downy user tried all the old and new scents so far no negative comment from my family. I do the laundry and i have allergies but as far as using downy from my personal experience all scents are right for me.

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We got samples of these downy for our one year old baby. So far, he doesn't get any allergic reactions. And the smell on the clothes does not wear off too soon even after second wash. Cool stuff!

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I'm using downy in my everyday wash. Fresh and smell so very nice all day long ang mga damit ni baby

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