It’s Mom who’s criticized for dirty clothes

It’s Mom who’s criticized for dirty clothes

Mom is the one who has to put in all the hard work, behind the scenes, to get her children ready for school and her husband ready for work. So what’s it like being mom when it comes to the laundry?

Here’s Jasmin Torres telling us her point of view on laundry matters - speaking for probably a lot of moms out there.

“You can’t be in a hurry when you do the laundry. I mean, you really need to scrub it. Or at least I did. I would always have to soak it, wash it once, scrub it and then wash it again.

It’s always the mom who’s criticized, see. Like at school. They say: What kind of socks does your kid have? It’s so dark! With the socks, you have to soak it first, then brush it. Then put drops, things like that, then the bar again. There are a lot of steps. You probably have to soak it overnight. It’s hard, it takes a long time.

But if you wear white clothes, clothes that are really white, people will praise you. They say, ‘Hey, you really do the laundry well’.

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