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Together Forever: How to Care for your Favorite Piece of Clothing to Keep it Looking New

Some items in our closets become part of who we are and as they get old an worn, parting with them can be unsettling. But there are ways to take good care of your favorite black sweater, to keep it looking its best for as long as possible.

We all have it, that one favorite black sweater that fits just right, that you can dress down with a pair of jeans and sneakers or dress up with a fancy skirt and heels. Maybe it’s the sweater you were wearing when you met your partner. Maybe it was keeping you warm on that day that your baby cried all day. Maybe it’s what you slipped on for your first girls night out in ages. No matter what memories it holds, it is so dear to you that the sight of little black balls forming all over its sleeves make you sad. To keep it looking new for as long as possible, here are a few suggestions of how you can take care of it.

First of all, whenever you fall in love with an article of clothing, if it’s affordable, go back to the store and get another. There is nothing wrong with having two identical black sweaters, two white t-shirts, it actually really makes your life easier.

Handle with tender, loving care. If it’s a sweater, fold it, don’t hang it. Hangers tend to stretch out the shoulders. If it’s a t-shirt or blouse, hang it. This will help avoid last-minute ironing when you notice that there are fold creases just as you are running out the door.

Pay close attention to each piece’s washing and drying instructions. Some clothes are delicate and can’t be thrown into the washer with your kid’s socks. If you’re not sure how to care for your sensitive items, check out the Ariel guide to washing symbols. If your favorite piece is not black, but colorful, use a detergent that keeps colors intact and lively.


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If you have time, wash your favorite clothes by hand especially if they aren’t cotton. Fill a sink or basin with cool water, add a few drops of gentle detergent like Ariel and soak the sweater for 20-30 minutes. Rinse and carefully squeeze out the excess water. Wrap the sweater in a towel so it can absorb the excess water. Then lay it out flat to dry on a clean towel on the floor to make sure it dries back into the shape you so adore.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s never too early to plan how you can look your absolute best! When you’re getting ready to head out, try doing your hair and make up before you get dressed. Sometimes powders, eye shadows, and hair products can land on your clothes, staining and damaging them. Also make sure your deodorant is completely dry before pulling on your sweater. The aluminium in many of them can lead to brittleness, and if your sweater is white, it can leave yellow stains.

If you’re using a dryer, make sure it’s settings are optimal for your clothes to avoid shrinking. Or take the load out just when it’s still a little damp and hang up on a clothes line.

These are just our tips. But what’s the item that you refuse to part with and how do you care for it? Tell us below.

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Wow Now I can Always Have Brandnew Clothes

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Galing talaga ng fav. ko na detergent- i was always feel that my clothes are soft and at the same time odor free.

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I love ariel! Pang hand wash or kahit pang washing machine man. Same na malinis at mabango mga damit namin kahit walang fabric conditioner. Subok na ng mommy na katulad ko.

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Ginagamit ko ang Ariel gel sa mga deligate na nga damet. D nagbabago ang texture ng mga damet. Then i babad ko ng 10 minutes sa downy passion or fresh. Its smell good.

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Ilove ariel so much lalo n sa mga puti..maganda syang gamitin tanggal tlga ang mantsa at mas naaalagaan pa ang ang mga damit...thanks ariel for sharing this...��❤

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