First Time User of Ariel Powder

First Time User of Ariel Powder

Budgeting time. Yesterday, i went to the palengke to buy foods for lunch and dinner. unfortunetely, ang natira sa budget q is 13.00 only.. Nagbilin pa si hubby na bumili aq ng tube ice 5.00 I was thinking about my laundry, Saturday is my Laundry Day. (Wala na damit si baby boy ko.. ) Nag hahanap ako ng murang sabon, then i saw Ariel.. 7.50 ang nakalagay bought it @ 8.00 I was surprise with this detergent kasi nakakaputi siya talaga.. Binabad ko lng for 30mins. Then parang may tumulong pa sakin maglaba, good time wala aq ginamit na pampaputi sa damit. Mabula at ang bago.. Kahit wala akong ginamit na Downy, mabango pa rin ang damit ng baby boy ko.. This Ariel is really a Budget Friendly.! May 20 free text ka pa .. Ikaw na ang aking Detergent.. :)


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