Fear stains less – with an affordable, yet superior clean

Fear stains less – with an affordable, yet superior clean

You’ve probably been there: chocolate cake landed on your favorite white dress, your children came home with grass stains on their school uniforms, your husband ate out at lunch-time and came home with grease on his white shirt: the list of stains just never ends.

These day to day stains happen – and they happen often, but they don’t have to be feared. Here’s how you can get rid of them quickly and easily. 

With most detergents, you’re going to need to soak those clothes, scrub them and wash them twice. It’ll take you a lot of time and effort, and you’ll need to use two sachets of detergent. New Ariel, however, has made its better stain removal even better by adding power suds. But this doesn’t mean Ariel ‘improved’ its price as well – quite the opposite. You can get Ariel’s brand new clean for just 7.50.

Here is how it works for you.

Step one: get those dirty whites into your wash, with just one sachet of new Ariel. You don’t need to do anything major, just swirl the clothes together and get those suds nice and big.

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Next, you can just leave the clothes to soak, for just 2 minutes. Let the detergent get to work on those stains and you’ll see them come right off before your eyes. Then you can get started on your usual laundry routine. Take those whites out of your wash, rinse them off and hang them to dry. No-one will be able to tell they were stained just a few minutes ago.

With Ariel, you don’t need to scrub your clothes or leave them to soak for hours on end. In fact, it gets to work so quickly you’ll be done in no time. With no need for bleaches, bars, fabric conditioner or anything else, you can get a superior but also affordable clean every day, thanks to Ariel.

Not only you and your clothes will love the new improved Ariel, but also your budget.


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I like Ariel very much because aside that it eliminates the stain, odor, and dirt totally. It does not make my both hands dry after using it. I love using it!!!

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