Everyday Me with Downy Romance

By Jane Go

I gotta admit, I'm not your usual homemaker. #OutAndProud I don't know how to cook, I don't know how to do housework. Wala talaga akong silbi sa bahay, lol. But what I do know, is caring for my family. And ensuring that they get what they deserve. Which is THE BEST, in everything & of everything. So meron naman akong silbi sa BUHAY, hindi man sa bahay. ;)

Feeling the love from the GOppets. <3

Kap normally does the grocery shopping for the family because I have a tendency to go beyond the budget & buy unnecessary things, haha. But in the rare times that I do, I make sure that what I get are quality items for the home, but at the same time still easy on the pocket. Kap-approved baga. Para hindi ako ma-audit! ;))

The GOppets are happy users of Downy Romance.
Our clothes smell good all day long, it's like using perfume on our every day wear without the extra cost!

Even my lavandera says it's not only gentle on her hands, but it's also gentle on our clothes.
So sa Downy Romance, buong GOppets household, panalo! \m/


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For our clothes & bedsheets, I make sure we use Downy Romance Fabric Softener for a fragrant smell that lasts all day long.

Get the feeling of falling in love everyday with Downy Romance. The zesty top notes of lemon and orange excite you like a first date. The body is a mixture of tube rose, gardenia and rose are reminiscent of the blossoming bouquets of a wedding. The soothing and calming balm of cedar wood, white rose and amber create the bottom notes and round out the fragrance to create perfume everyday for everlasting romance.

At dahil mahilig kami ni Kap sa romansa especial, we use Downy Romance Fabric Softener in our everyday load. Para laging amoy-presko at mabangoDowny Romance, the scent of forever. Kasi, sa buhay at bahay GOppets, #MayroongForever

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