Drying dilemmas: Solved

Have you ever found cherished garments shrunken to napkins and suddenly just as disposable? Well, instead of testing the dryer with your other half’s outfits before yours, here’s some facts to keep your clothes at their best and dry as a daisy:

1. Towel trick

Once your clothes are out the wash, nestle them in a towel and twist it into a sausage. This will quickly take in a lot of the moisture and also help you channel any ambitions you had of kneading bread for a living.

2. Hair dry beats air dry

If time is against you while you’re getting ready to go out and you don’t want to risk the dryer on your delicates, get out your trusty hairdryer and give your garments a blast! Progress may be slow but you will be able to keep an eye on the results as opposed to the unknown world inside the drum.
(Hair straighteners can also work but remember, one sock at a time!)

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3. Become a fan of the fan

Your bathroom’s extractor fan can be a handy way to make clothes dryer. They may not finish the job but can make the difference between ‘wet’ and ‘damp.’ Alternatively, attach sheet ‘capes’ to your little ones and turn them from Superman into Superfans!

(We hope these tips are useful for your future drying dilemmas, but as for the washing, leave it to Ariel!)

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