Downy Romance

Thanks everydayme for sending me free samples of downy romance. I just tried this new downy romance and i can say that the smell of my clothes are really good. I dont need to wear cologne or perfume as it smells like i already have. Aside from a good smell it makes wonder by making all my clothes softer and looks like always new. I do not need to iron some of my clothes. My husband also loves the smell and even ask me what brand of perfume im wearing. He even ask me to use it to his clothes as the smell is not feminine like perfume. Really great product, i am giving two thumbs up for this.


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Thank you Everyday me P&G . I received the Downy Romance samples around 4:45 this afternoon. I will use it tomorrow. I even told the courier that I'm still waiting for my Whisper Skin Love samples,too. I'm glad that the courier that was assigned to our area was polite and courteous.

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