downy baby gentle

downy baby gentle

hi sorry for the very late review. first thing first, when i open the sachet i found the smell of fragrance a little too strong for me i ment strong not bad, dont get me wrong its fragrant indeed i love the smell just that its a little heavy on my nose, so i think it would be heavier on a baby's tiny nostrils. but then again theres no baby in the house so no problem there. so i follow the sachet instructions and dip the exact amount of clothes on the fabcon. leave it there for a few minutes. hang it and then test it on my skin. i love how the fabric seemed sooo soft on the skin and the scent just rigth. so then i think maybe since the fabcon was pure when i sniff it directly on the sachet that it comes strong but when diluted in water its just perfect ,love how the scent from my sheets smells when i toss and turn. anyhow, i also used this particular sample in a mix of bleach , water and half sachet on a 2l bottle to clean the house because we have dogs around and its just perfect it takes off the scent of our puppies urine and gives aroma in the house. so there thanks and more to come. ����


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