Don’t be afraid of white color!

Don’t be afraid of white color!

Simple, clear, ageless and eternal. White color has always played a decisive role in the fashion industry. Whether you wear it for an average working day or for a special occasion it represents an appropriate choice and provides you a gorgeous look. Although you might think that wearing white will grant you the freedom of an easy and quick dressing up, you should know that a reckless neglect of some basic rules could result unintentionally in a harsh outlook. (tips how to wear white)

The shades of white

There is a wide range of colors that belongs to the white category.  Cream, eggshell, ivory, Navajo white and vanilla – just to name some – all can be referred to as ’white’. However, separately from each other you might not be able to sense the difference, when they are worn together, it becomes obvious. Pay attention to details! Don’t put together the different shades, as it will deprive the color of its natural strength – the clarity and simplicity.

White with other basic colors:

-      White with white: If you wear the white with white color, you must pay attention to the shade of white. Always try to wear the same white shade together.

-      White with black: Nowadays black and white together became more casual than before, but it’s still more elegant than if you would wear it with any other color. Make sure that your outfit fits to the situation perfectly, because there is only one thing worse than being underdressed – to be overdressed.

-      White with red/green: this match fits perfectly for the casual days, but pay attention  to which part of your outfit is white. For example: a your favorite white top can fit to your red or green trousers, skirt perfectly, but otherwise it might not works well. If you choose white trousers, pay attention to the type of fabric and try to choose not a transparent variant.

Washing tricks

Always avoid washing your white clothes together with other colors. To preserve the glittering shine of the white, be gentle with it with a full-scale care. Furthermore, if the clothes are made of lace or silk, try to wash them in a net that will safeguard its quality and fabric. Following these simple techniques you will prevent your white clothes from becoming yellowish.

White needs care


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White clothes get dirty the easiest; a smallest spot could ruin your outfit. If you go to the solarium regularly, the tanned skin could leave trace on the clothes, as well as a badly-chosen deodorant. Wear your white pieces with special regard to these delicate matters.

Those little details…

Always cut out the labels in case of a white cloth, because it will definitely draw the attention to itself, especially if the fabric is very thin or a little bit transparent.  It can be quite disenchanting.

White outfits bring along the message that the one wearing it, definitely has a refined taste, sensitivity to choosing the clothes carefully and a not too pushy, but always present expression that style matters. Let the power of white work and treat those clothes with special attention. It will pay off.

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