Ariel Power Gel For Better Laundry Care

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My first encounter with ArielPower Gel was at the Landmark Supermarket when it was being introduced into the market. The introductory price was at 50% off at ?75 per container. *Gasp*

I am an avid Ariel user and I know a super sulit buy when I see one. I went into panic buying mode and bought several containers. I was very excited to use it as I am using powder detergent all my life.

The powder detergent at home was set aside to make way for the new Ariel Power Gel.

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Ariel Power Gel comes in a sky blue, easy to pour liquid with a delightful, candy-smelling Sunrise Fresh scent!

How To Use Ariel Power Gel

  1. Pour Ariel Power gel into the measuring cap to make sure you are using the correct dosage. Typical dosage is 45ml for one regular wash or 15-20 pieces of clothing and 65ml for bigger or dirtier loads.
  2. Apply a small amount of gel directly onto stains and dirt.
  3. Pour the rest of the detergent into the washing machine and wash as usual.
  4. For Hand Wash: Ariel Power Gel quickly dissolves in water. Use about 15ml for 5-7 pieces of clothing and agitate as usual to get the desired amount of suds.


After a month of using Ariel Power Gel, I know it's the right kind of detergent for my automatic washing machine and of course, for my family. Not only does it remove stains effectively, it keeps our clothes smelling really good!

What else do I love about Ariel Power Gel?

  • It deeply penetrates to remove stain better. It uses nano molecules to clean deeply and completely.
  • It has a fresh smelling scent
  • It leaves no sediment/powder residue on clothes and your washing machine.
  • It dissolves better than powder.
  • It keeps clothes in better color than powder.

Ariel Power Gel has an Ultra Concentrated Formula that is 2x better stain removal than powder detergents. One liter of Ariel Power Gel actually cleans better than 2Kg of Powder! Anything matipid, love ng mga mommies!


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