Create A Perfect Family Photo For Christmas

Create A Perfect Family Photo For Christmas




Capture merry and memorable holiday moments with these visual tips.

The annual family picture at Christmas is a time-honored tradition and a perfect way to keep a record of your children as they grow up. But year after year, the classic posed photo starts to look repetitive and lackluster. This year, buck tradition and opt for a more creative approach with one of these ideas:


  1. A Special Christmas Twist


    • How often have we seen the same photo of a smiling family sitting on the sofa next to the Christmas tree? Transform this standard portrait into something meaningful and personal by adding a timely touch to indicate when the photo was taken.
    • Honor a milestone or special event that happened during the year, like an anniversary or graduation
    • Find inspiration from a favorite book, movie or painting
    • Wear something seasonal like Santa hats or color coordinate your clothes
    • Ask your kids to choose a theme that reveals something about your family life
    • Try converting your photo into a cartoon, drawing or billboard with free online downloads.
    • Best of all, these photos capture the emotions the family shares: the excitement, surprise and warmth of the season.

  2. Before and After Christmas


    Christmas is filled with many great moments and festivities. Capture the essence of Christmas by taking a series of photos during family activities.


    • Baking biscuits and cooking a feast
    • Decorating the house and the tree
    • Singing carols
    • Enjoying the big Christmas dinner and granny’s special dessert
    • Open gifts and play with toys (to contrast with pretty wrapped gifts under the tree)
    • A tradition unique to your family
    • Use the “burst mode” or continuous shooting mode to get a series of photos that are candid and show fun in motion.
    • Lights, camera…
    • To set a Christmas mood, turn off lamps and let your Christmas tree lights illuminate faces.
    • Also, lots of candles will add ambience to your images.
    • Clever techniques include turning off the flash, or if you can, using a slow shutter speed or low-light setting on your camera.
    • Action!


      Choose a different angle or pose to keep everyone looking happy and bright:

      • From above (stand on a chair or ladder) so everyone is looking up
      • On the floor with heads together forming a circle
      • Everyone in a row, arranged by height and peeking out from behind each other
      • Holding hands and jumping with joy
      • Arm-in-arm or cuddled together in your pajamas
      • Outdoors in the snow, in front of your door or house decorations

  3. Photo albums

    A Christmas album is a wonderful way to remember the occasion as well as a great sentimental gift for out-of-town relatives.


    • 12 Days of Christmas—from stockings on the fireplace to the day after.
    • Celebrate baby’s first Christmas.
    • Show images of holiday guests and parties.
    • Christmas meal recipes—from baking to savoring these treasured dishes include images from the rest of the year, too.
    • Bring your dog, cat or bird into the family portrait.


    Create a collage of images and place in a frame as a present. Don’t forget to include close-up for variety. Write captions to identify people and places, along with a fun comment.


    Lastly, don’t forget to smile with your pearly whites! Let the camera get up close and personal with everyone’s gleaming teeth. Not many people talk about it but actually one portrait photography tip is to brush your teeth (use a good trust brand like Oral-B to find the best brushes for your mouth) before a shoot to ensure a clean, white smile. Gum and teeth care are essential for the best-looking smiles. No food stuck in between your teeth? Great! Time to get posing!


Got any other tips on how to get the best-looking family photos? Comment them below!

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