Aromatherapy in the home

With the right aromas you can create a more pleasant home.

Our well-being is very much influenced by smells. How we experience food actually have more to to with smell than with taste (that's why you experience food as so tasteless when you have a cold). We often associate food with various childhood memories, celebrations or positive events, so because of this it is not strange that certain smells mean so much to us. Perhaps you believe that aromatherapy is about turning your home into a laboratory full of ethereal oils, but you can also see it as a way to create a nice-smelling and more pleasant home. The right kind of smells not only give a clean and fresh impression, but they can also make you feel happier, more alert, and more relaxed.

Bring nature inside
The older generation used to spray a strongly scented perfume in their house before guests arrived. Nowadays we use more natural scents in scented products such as shampoo, balsam and scent spray. But which scents should you choose?

Natural flower scents
Light flower scents give a great feeling of the outdoors - indoors. Scents like lilacs, gardenia and jasmine are good choices in rooms that are used during daytime. However, you should be a little careful with rose scents. While these scents are delightful, if they get too intense they can smell a little harsh, almost like vinegar. Instead, go for more discrete floral scents.

Relaxing scents
Relaxing scents can to great advantage be used in bedrooms, but they also work well in living rooms. Lavender is a popular scent that is regarded as relaxing, calming and effective against headaches. In earlier times, people often had bags of lavender in their linen cupboards, so maybe you think it feels like an antiquated scent? The reality is that lavender has made a strong come-back in recent years, along with that natural healing methods have become more popular. Jasmine has a strong and pleasant scent that is regarded as calming and as contributing to increased well-being. It can feel a little "soapy" if it is used in small and enclosed spaces, but if you keep the windows open and let the scent mix with fresh air, you get a completely different result.

Fruity and spicy scents
In summer, scents like apple and citrus are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. By all means try lime, which has a good balance between sweet and sour and smells like a mixture of orange and lemon. Soaps with a scent of mint are also a good choice for this time of year. During fall and winter, when we go from light salads to robust casseroles and rather take a long hot bath than a quick shower, more solid scents like ginger, cranberry or cinnamon are more appropriate.

Fresh, clean scents
Most of us have probably never in entertained the thought of using flax spray. But the fact is that 'French Flax" is a very popular scent in scented candles and room sprays, even if our generation is hardly frequent users of white linen tablecloths. It is a light, fresh scent that feels clean and modern and that is suitable in all rooms. Another fresh scent that also has calming properties is green tea.

Traditional wood scents
Even if flowers and exotic fruits are among the most popular scents, you should not forget the more traditional scents such as pine and sandal wood. Cedar wood is a clean and fresh scent that is suitable for rooms that are used in the daytime, whereas the "muskier" scent from sandal wood is better suited for bedrooms and bathrooms. If you think these wood scents are a little too strong, you can instead go for leaf scents such as maple, ivy or tomato plant to create that outdoor feeling indoors, all year round.

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