Fun rainy day ideas at home

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Take the gloom out of rainy days with these great indoor activity ideas for kids.

Turn them into little cooks!

Bake a cake with your kids, but not just any cake. Use food colouring to create a wonderful rainbow cake and mix moulds in different shapes and sizes to build a castle, a giant boat or a house. You can add candy buttons, chocolate chips and confectioner's flowers to give it a magical touch! With a printer at home, you can even buy edible paper to cover your cake with a favorite cartoon image.

Create a mural

Use a large roll of paper and choose a theme: superheroes, a day at the zoo, Christmas morning or Cinderella. Then help your child illustrate the theme in any way possible such as painting, drawing, cutting and pasting images from old magazines, using stickers, whatever you have at hand. They will be so proud to decorate their own room with it. If their clothes get dirty, don't fret and just use a gentle laundry cleanser that's tough on stains like Ariel. 

Design a family tree

Going through family photos is always a lot of fun, but how about teaching your kids their family history? Help them choose the pictures, add relatives' names and explain all the family links. Take time to tell a little story about family members, and remind your child when and where they last saw them.

Reenact a story

Ask your kids to pick a fairy tale and help them illustrate the story. They can draw the characters, dress up as their favorite heroes and compose a little song to serve as a soundtrack. Not only will they have fun, it will also develop their imagination and creativity. You may be raising a future director or composer after all.

Throw a party

You don't need to wait for birthdays or special events to have a great time. Inflate balloons, put the kids in fancy dress, paint their faces and choreograph an uplifting song and dance routine. Make it a rainy day to remember.

Set up camp

A few used sheets to cover the table, some pillows, an electric light, some cookies in a plastic container, a backpack filled with small toys and books they adore: that's all you need to make your children feel like they are camping in the woods! Even if it's only the dining room.

Recycle or elaborate on any of these ideas when their friends come over.
o wouldn't want to visit the House of Fun!

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