Romantic Table for Two

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Craft these charming homemade paper decorations for your Valentine's dinner table, to make your beloved one feel even more special.


You will need the following:

• Pencil

• Ruler

• Scissors

• 3 sheets of tissue paper in the same color

• String

• Sticks

Step 1

Stack the three sheets of tissue paper and cut strips about 15 cm w ide along the length of the paper. Make accordion folds along the length of the paper, about 1.5 cm apart. 

Step 2

Tie string around the middle of the folded paper and use the scissors to shape the ends of the paper into sharp points. 

Step 3

Fan the paper out. 

Step 4

Separate the tissue paper to create a pompom flower. Push a stick into the pompom.


You will need the following:

• Heart-shape punch

• Embroidery needle

• Single-hole puncher

• Scrapbook paper

• String

Step 1

Use the shape punch to cut heart shapes from the scrapbook paper. 

Step 2

Punch two holes in each heart and thread the string through the holes to form the garland. 


• Gift box: decorate a shop-bought gift box with washi tape and punched heart shapes.

• Decorated straws: use washi tape to label straws.

• Matching lights: select assorted candles and a nice candlestick to add a final romantic touch to your Valentine's table decorations.

Now that you've got all these bright and colorful décor around your home, add a dose of freshness to the air by putting Ambi Pur fresheners in spaces around the home, like the dining and living rooms.

Got any other DIY tips for making Valentine's Day décor? Share them in the comments section below!

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