How To Make The Most Of A Rainy Day

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Little people have the most wonderful imaginations. They can transform hairbrushes into microphones, couches into trampolines and gardens into safaris. Next time you are faced with a miserable, rainy day, spark their imagination by building an indoor tent. How not to: Don't put them them down in front of the TV just because it is raining. Bad weather is no excuse for encouraging bad habits.

Plan: To make your miniature, indoor glamp (glamorous camp) site, you will need:

a step ladder (to act as the frame) some colorful cloth
measuring tape
some drawing pins

scissors (preferably sewing scissors as they cut more accurately through thicker materials)

Step one: Open up the ladder and measure its height, width and extended length. Make a note of the measurements.

Step two: Gather all your materials and equipment together, checking the cloth to make sure it is big enough to provide two rectangular pieces for the front and back of the ladder and a bigger, more triangular piece for the gap between the two.

Step three: Place the ladder on the cloth and trace around it with a felt or marker pen to draw out the exact size of the cloth that needs to be cut. Don't be afraid to add a few extra centimeters to your measures to allow for any cutting mistakes and also so that you can fold the edges for a nice, smooth finish. But whatever you do, don't cut too little otherwise there will not be enough cloth to make your tent.

Step four: Use pins to trace these markings.

Step five: Then, cut out the three pieces very carefully.

Step six: Attach the cloth to the ladder with drawing pins - use a hammer to secure them, if necessary.

After: And that's how you make an indoor campsite. As for what to do with it, your little ones probably won't be short of ideas.


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