How to Eliminate Odors from Your Car

How to Eliminate Odors from Your Car

Eliminate unpleasant odors and enjoy the ride.

No matter how comfortable a car is, odors easily make a simple trip an unpleasant experience for you and your passengers. Learn how to improve the environment of your car, eliminating unpleasant odors.

1. Clean your car
Remove any and all trash from your car, even the stuff that does not give off any odor. Pay special attention to the seats and the space right around them. Make sure there's nothing in the glove compartment or under the rugs.

2. Wash the surfaces of your car
Wipe the plastic, wood or metal surfaces with hot water or a cleaning solution. For the glass, apply the most appropriate solution and make sure you do not leave fingerprints behind (use newsprint to finalize the cleaning). If the day is hot, make sure you roll down the windows and get some air in the car.

3. Brush the rugs before vacuuming them
Remove the rugs from the ca and use a brush to remove any traces of dirt or stones that came in attached to shoes. Sometimes it can be difficult to remove the rugs from the automobile but extra effort is preferable over vacuuming again.

4. Vacuum the car
Even with the rugs out of the vehicle, vacuum the floor, underneath the seats and in the spaces between seats that you can reach. Also vacuum the trunk, a place often overlooked.

5. Once cleaned, try to find some odors
If, even after you clean your car, it still has a bad smell, it's time to find the culprit. The most common scenarios are:

  • Bacteria - they usually begin in rotten food in the car without you even noticing it. Find out the source of the smell, remove what is causing it, and use Ambipur Air Effects.
  • Tobacco smoke - if you smoke in the car this certainly comes as no surprise. However, the smell can be quite annoying to other passengers. To get rid of the odor of tobacco, leave a bowl of vinegar near the ashtray of the car and another in the back seat. The vinegar will absorb the smell of tobacco in a matter of minutes.

6. Add fragrance to the air in your car
There's nothing like getting into a car that smells nice. It then creates a very comfortable ambience. Try Ambipur Air Effects to immediately return some vitality to your car (describe it better, it is unclear). For a lasting and pleasant aroma, use Ambipur Car.

7. Change the air filter of the car when necessary
This is a step which, fortunately, does not need to be repeated whenever you clean the car. However, it is good to note that the effectiveness of the filter contributes to cleaner air inside the vehicle, reducing dust and odors, with obvious health benefits for the driver and passengers.

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