Create a Fun & Spooky Menu for a Halloween Party

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A frightening spread of food and drink ripe for a freaky feast may look gross but tastes great.

Children are not the only ones who like Halloween parties. The ingredients for a magical party menu are laid-out, from finger food to eyeball meatballs, for all ages to enjoy.

When it comes to Halloween party dining options, have fun with the spooky theme. Ideas might involve classic horror movies or favorite thriller books,
monsters or magic or traditional eerie Halloween motifs from witches and wizards to ghosts and goblins.

A Halloween meal should include tricks and treats, as well as lots of ghoulishly good atmosphere. Your menu will entertain and feed guest witches and monsters at your masquerade party. Skip the cheese plate unless it's green and oozy or filled with red veins. The wild and weird banquet may not look appetizing but the delicious dishes will be sure to entice a bite from blood thirsty vampires and starving zombies.

Arrange a delicious buffet so guests can see the ghoulish display of food and drinks. Color schemes make a Halloween meal especially creepy, including
blood red, slime green and brooding black. The spread will bring squeals as guests stare at the amusingly wicked fare, from bloody tomato sauce to
green goop.

The following lists offer an array of icky options for a multicourse meal and may inspire you to conjure up your own:

Hors d'oeuvres
These creepy bite-size delights give new meaning to "finger food" staring up at the diner:
Platters of eyeballs made with partially peeled red grapes and stuffed lychees, olives and cherry tomatoes Guacamole for a green swampy theme with black-bread crackers
A fruit plate with black and dark fruits including blackberries, blueberries,plums and figs
Pretzel sticks for dipping in a dripping fondue

Create a hearty meal for the faint of heart, from a bubbling primordial stew to bones to gnaw and more eyeballs:
Green Swamp Stew: Cook up a pot of Thai green chicken curry with a variety of vegetables in shades of green, such as zucchini, green beans and
peas, floating on top. Cooked spinach adds a nice slimy look and tastes delicious. Serve with black rice.
Ribs dripping a hot barbeque tomato sauce. Eating meat off the bone screams Halloween
Form mashed potatoes into mounds that look like ghosts with black-oliveslice eyes and eyeball meatballs to match
Spaghetti in red sauce simply howls for a sign in gothic letters: "worms"

Concoct a bloody-looking punch bowl of deep red juices or an eerie green soup with fiendish floaters:
Pomegranate juice and sparkling water with floating balls of sorbet
Cranberry and black currant juice punch with tapioca pearls Tomato juice with steamed cauliflower floret brains bobbing up and down Green drink of kiwi and veggie powder with a hand of ice in a plastic glove

An assortment of sickly sweet treats to intrigue guests anxious for a taste:
A chocolate lava cake graveyard with cookie tombstones decorated with
R.I.P. Lime-green Jell-O with gummy worms suspended inside 
Black licorice sticks 
Traditional pumpkin cupcakes decorated with Halloween motifs

Between plates of creepy foods, the table can feature plastic bugs, fake mice, pipe cleaner spiders and cheesecloth cobwebs. Black cat, witch and bat silhouettes are easy cutouts for a wall décor. A vase of dead flowers is a perfect centerpiece. And no Halloween is complete without a carved jack-olantern glowing with a candle inside, the holiday's traditional symbol.

After all the fun's been prepared, expect a little mess in the kitchen, especially on your kids' clothes or aprons. Use a gentle detergent like Ariel to remove stubborn food stains and get them back to looking new again! Knowing that you can get a little dirty but not sacrifice the quality of your clothes makes cooking even more enjoyable and less worrisome!


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