#HomeGoals Cook,Eat and wash the dishes together

Me and my lovely wife loves to cook.We both enjoy each others company when we cook.We also share and exchange tips and recipes with each other and eating is also our passion.After we prepare our dinner,we devoured on our simple but sumptous food.And after that,we clean and wash the dishes together as well.We have that funny sayings that "The couples that cooks together,eat together should also wash the dishes together".I once asked my better half why she always buy Joy Antibac while there are some other cheaper dishwashing liquid out in the market?The reply that I got was she trust and would trust only Joy Antibac because its not just tough on grease but its also tough on germs.Joy Antibac stop the spreading of germs from sponge to plates and other utensils.It has the powe of safeguard that kills germs and bacteria.Thats why we are pretty sure that our kitchen is 99.9% germ -free!Two thumbs-up for Joy Antibac. #HomeGoals


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