#HomeGoals Challenge Accepted with Joy Anti-Bac

My wife and I love to experiment on different cuisines. We also enjoy cooking on our restdays -- okay, most of the time, she's the one who does the cooking and I do the eating. Haha! But who doesn't enjoy eating, right? The only downside of this activity is the aftermath -- loads of greasy dishes. We're thankful that Everyday Me sent us the Joy Anti-Bac. We've tried it on our pans and dishes after cooking Aglio Olio and Beef Steak. We're amazed at how it effortlessly removed the grease on all the dishes! A drop of Joy on the sponge could cover at least 10 greasy dishes so you can just imagine how economical it is to use it. We're definitely switching to Joy Anti-Bac!


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I use joy antibac to clean the feeding bottle of my baby

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