Joy Antibac gives us JOY #HomeGoals

Like the products name, it literally gives JOY whenever we use it because it never fails us. My husband and I were able to try Joy Antibac considering that we frequently use JoyLemon. One of our chitchatting moment of my husband is washing the dishes, we talk about new recipes that we can try, our cravings, and what we will prepare for dinner or lunch. We really love to eat. After devouring our favorite Beef Caldereta, the grease on our plate, red coloring of tomato paste and the smell are noticeable, and hard to remove, but upon using Joy Antibac we learned that it is easier to get rid of it. The scent of Safeguard is recognizable, that’s an assurance that the plates are germ-free. We believe that it is germ-free because we’re also using Safeguard as bath soap and it really works. Once the dishes are dried, semblance of stickiness are gone + the smell is rejuvenating. Joy is indeed our trusted brand, Kudos to you P&G, and to those who patronize your product, they are definitely right.


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