7 Ways to Stay Sick Free this Rainy Season

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Rainy season is here again and as certain as the raindrops in June, is the rise of viral diseases.

"Naku bata ka nagpabasa ka sa ulan, magkakasakit ka nyan," is the all too common reminder of my parents before.  Now that I have children of my own, I let them enjoy and play with the rain.  I learned that the rain doesn't carry diseases after all.  But the high humidity the rain brings plus water accumulated from it, that's the culprit.  It's a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

Of course it doesn't help that our kids are back to school as well, adding to the increased probability that they catch the virus of classmates who might be having a cold or the flu.  And the rest is the usual sequence of events as the virus spreads from one family member to another.

Since I can't stop the rain nor stop my kids from going to school (though they would like that), I just employ practical ways to prevent the spread of the virus in our house.

  1. Wash hands.  Everyone has to wash their hands more often and wash it well (Hehe, hindi yung nabasa lang).  Also, I don't limit hand washing to just before meals.  Like if my pre-schooler touches a common door, outside of the house, I spray his hands with hand sanitizer or let him wash his hands so that in case he feels the need to rub his eyes, at least it's clean already. And in the subject of washing hands, nothing beats the germ-killing protection that we get from Safeguard. That's why this is what we always recommend to our kids—whether it be them washing their hands with Safeguard soap or regularly using Safeguard sanitizer whenever we are our of the house.
  2. Avoid going to crowded places.  If I can help it, I avoid going to malls with my kids during the rainy season because there are a lot of people coughing or sneezing and the air is more humid, making it a breeding ground for viruses.
  3. Keep hands off.  I ask my kids to keep their hands off common objects that other people touch -- like the escalator rail, the door handle, etc.
  4. Stay healthy.  Since the viruses are already out there, we try to stay healthy so our body can easily fight off the virus just in case we catch it.  We sleep early, take the usual vitamin C and try to eat healthier food.
  5. No sharing.  My kids sometimes share a drink or try the food of their sibling.  No sharing with sick siblings or mommy and daddy. 
  6. Avoid eating food sold in open air.  Food being sold in outdoor areas can easily come in contact with airborne and waterborne diseases and bacteria.  Better to bring their own baon.
  7. Eliminate standing water. For dengue prevention, I am diligent in making sure there is no stagnant water in the house.  I also slather on mosquito repellent on the kids when I know they will be going to places that are most likely breeding grounds for mosquitoes such as gardens. 

We can't stop the viruses and the bacteria, especially during the rainy season, but we can help our family avoid catching it.  Keep well. :)


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