5 Steps to Make Your Home Effortlessly Spotless this 2018

5 Steps to Make Your Home Effortlessly Spotless this 2018

Ever wondered how certain friends’ homes can look perfectly clean 24/7 while you’re struggling to unload the dishwasher? Help is at hand...

If you can't remember the last time your house wasn't full of children, friends or pets, then chances are, you've got your hands full trying to accommodate everyone and keep everything clean and tidy. To help you manage the load, we've come up with some advice to make things significantly easier for you this 2018. Read on for the cleaning tips you'll wish you'd thought of sooner!

Never let things build up

The best way to avoid having to do a huge house clean is to do a little bit every day instead. Applying this motto to every room means you'll stop dreading cleaning. They best things to do as you go along? Spray your shower with cleaner after every use, and encourage your children to make their beds as soon as they get up. Wipe down surfaces once you've used them, and put clothes away as soon as they're washed and dried. Doing one load of laundry every day is a great tip too - that way, your house won't be full of everybody's dirty clothes by the weekend when you finally get around to it.

Ditch the clutter ASAP

Not only does clutter make a house look messy, but it makes it harder to keep clean, too. It's important to have regular clear-outs so you're not holding on to things unnecessarily - it'll make your life much easier if you tackle it. Perhaps you have a stash of unwanted Christmas gifts, or maybe you need to get more organized and start filing or throwing away paperwork on a daily basis? Involve the whole family and encourage them to put anything they don't need or want in a big box to donate. For more great decluttering tips, check out these other foolproof methods.

Invest in baskets and boxes

Not to hide things in, but to help you move things to the right places quicker and with less mess. A plastic laundry basket, for example, can be placed in the kitchen to help you carry freshly washed clothes to the bedroom - even if you don't unload it straightaway, it looks much tidier than leaving things on the floor or bed. Keep at least one nice storage box in each room and, if random objects like school books, DVDs or paperwork start to build up, put them in there at the end of each day to leave surfaces and floors clear for cleaning. Don't let them fill up with toys or garbage though (it's easily done!).

Do a 5-minute clean every night

"Let's leave it until the morning..." is easy to say when you're hooked on a TV show or exhausted after a long day's work, but it just means more to do in the morning when you're in a hurry, and you will probably do a less thorough job. Once young children are in bed is the best time: give surfaces a quick wipe-down, put away dishes or take laundry to the bedrooms. You can even put breakfast dishes out the night before to save time in the morning if you're feeling energetic - 'Future You' will thank you! Investing in cleaning products that work hard will help too. Air fresheners like Ambi Pur can keep rooms smelling sweet and clean all day and would make a nice touch for corners in the house that need a dose of freshness.

Make a list of chores for the family

You can't do it all (and if you do, you might go crazy!) so getting your family to help from a young age is a smart move. Getting into a regular routine of chores when children are small means less resistance and a far quicker process. If one person does the vacuuming, ask another to dust, and so on and so forth. You'll find everything is done in next to no time (especially if you've been cleaning daily as you go along). It doesn't have to be a depressing experience either - put on your favorite music or podcast and listen as you go! If you're struggling to get children involved, click here for some tricks to encourage them to help.


Do you have a clever cleaning tip that we've missed? Comment below with your tips and advice.


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