The importance of choosing the right pad for your teenager

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It’s not just during her period that your daughter needs the protection of a pad. Here’s how to help her choose the right products for the right time of month.

As your daughter grows up and the onset of her first period draws near, it's natural that, as her mom, you want to provide her with advice and health tips to help her feel confident about this important milestone. Or perhaps she's already started her periods and wants to know the best way to stay dry, protected and comfortable before, during and afterwards. Here's how you can advise her...


Don't shy away from talking about discharge

It's important to reassure your teen that vaginal discharge, or cervical mucus, is entirely normal. Around six months to a year before your daughter gets her first period, she may notice an increase in discharge, with whiteish streaks in her underwear, and possibly a thick, gooey mucus on the toilet paper after she goes to the bathroom. It may also be transparent. All girls and women who menstruate produce cervical mucus, and it's essential for a healthy vagina, keeping everything clean, lubricated and comfortable. In short, it's nothing to worry about!


If your daughter's discharge is tinged yellow or green and accompanied by itching or a bad odor, it may indicate an infection that needs medical attention.


If your daughter produces a lot of discharge, or just feels more confident with extra protection, she can use a daily panty liner. They're discreet and comfortable for everyday wear and provide extra peace of mind during the days before her period is due, especially in the early days when her cycle may still be a little unpredictable. For more on the best pads to use during her period, check out Whisper and its line of comfortable sanitary napkins.


Pads for between periods

Your daughter's period will naturally become lighter as she finishes her cycle, but she may like to wear a pad in case of ‘spotting'. Brownish discharge between periods can sometimes occur because not all the lining of the womb is expelled during the period. In most cases, it's absolutely normal and you can reassure your daughter there's nothing to worry about. Brown discharge is also fairly common if your daughter is taking birth-control pills because they affect her hormones. Again, this is normal, and as her body adjusts, things should settle down. She may find that there is spotting in the middle of her cycle. This is a sign that she's ovulating, and happens as the egg leaves the follicle. It means her body is working as it should, and is no cause for alarm. As your daughter's periods regulate, and she becomes more familiar with her monthly cycle, she'll quickly figure out what pads give her the best protection when.


If your daughter's spotting or vaginal discharge mid-cycle is accompanied by pain, vomiting, itching or odor, see your healthcare professional.

What do you wish you'd known before you started your periods? And how have you helped your daughter manage hers? We'd love to hear from you - please comment below!


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