Raising Confident Boys: How to Boost Your Son's Self-Esteem

Raising Confident Boys: How to Boost Your Son's Self-Esteem

Puberty can be a confusing time for teenage boys. Check out these tips to make sure they're ready to take on the world!

1.Remind him of his talents

Praise your son when he's done something good on a regular basis - was he kind to another student at school, for example? Or was that school project a real success? But be sincere - don't compliment him on everything, or praise him too much. If you tell him he's great at everything, he'll start doubting what you're telling him. It's important that he doesn't become complacent, and that he learns to trust his own instinct, too.


2.Encourage him to work

Suggesting your son gets a part-time job alongside his studies might be met with a sullen look (or worse...) but it could be the smartest thing you ever do. Taking on a form of responsibility means he'll begin to value himself in a more mature, confident way and learn essential skills for the years ahead. Being trusted and respected in a work capacity can have a really beneficial effect on self-esteem, and it means he can start contributing towards rent, or food bills, which he'll be proud of doing (even if he says he's not...).


3.Welcome his friends into your home

Encouraging your son to build strong friendships is key to building self-esteem and confidence, so opening your home up to his school friends is a helpful move. Ensure he knows his friends are welcome - perhaps one night a week they could all come over for dinner or a film night? Getting to know your son's friends is reassuring for you as a parent, too - not only will you know who they are and what they're like, but by building a relationship with them they should feel comfortable approaching you if they're ever concerned about your son.


4.Talk openly with him

...And he'll do the same with you. Puberty is an emotional time, with plenty of changes - and boys aren't usually as communicative as girls when it comes to seeking advice. Talk openly with him (or ask his dad or a male relative to if you think it's more appropriate) about what to expect, and ensure he has access to any grooming products if he's feeling self-conscious. Head & Shoulders products keep hair up to 100% flake-free and the scalp and hair looking healthy. Try Head & Shoulders Cool Blast which is designed specifically for men's hair and scalp and has a cooling sensation that feels great in tropical weather.


5.Encourage him to get active

Plenty of studies indicate that young people who are regularly active report higher levels of self-esteem and wellbeing, which is why it's so important to teach teenage boys to get involved. Team sports - whether it's at school or out-of-hours - will encourage him to build trust between team-mates and form healthy relationships, and he'll feel that he's accomplished something, too. Getting comfortable with sports or regular activity when he's a teenager means he'll learn how to look after his body and health for the future as well - you're setting him up to be confident, happy and healthy (something he'll thank you for later down the line).


Think we've missed a tip on raising confident boys? Do share your ideas with us below. Visit Head & Shoulders (link to H&S BLP) for more haircare help and advice.


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